Alcohol: 55%

Technology: 4 - 5 years in oak barrel

Chacha is a Georgian spirit, a clear and strong, ranging between 40%- 50% of alcohol for commercially produced and 55%- 65% for home brew, which is sometimes called «Georgian grappa». It is made of grape must (grape residue left after making wine). The term Chacha is used in Georgia to refer to grape distillate. It may be also produced from unripe or wild grapes. Other common fruits or herbs used are figs, tangerines, oranges, mulberries or tarragon. Traditionally only a homebrewed drink of Georgians, it is today commonly produced by professional distillers and most wineries which include it in their product range.

After distillation we move Chacha in oak barrels for aging. We keep Chacha in barrels between 4 to 5 years. Chacha becomes smooth, round and pleasant for drinking. In addition, this process adds up additional flavors of vanilla, chocolate coconut and woody aromas.