Color: Amber

Alcohol: 13.1%

Sugar: Dry

Grape: 100% Khikhvi

Acidity: 5.4 g/l

Technology: Qvevri

Food Pairing: Roasted pork or beef, roasted chicken, cheeses.

Khikhvi is a rare Georgian grape variety. Ibero’s Khikhvi is fermented in Qvevri. After fermentation wine is kept in contact with skin for 6 months.

Wine is amber in color and clear. In aroma characteristics we can notice charming aromas of walnuts and honey. Farther more, we can smell the aromas of yellow stone fruits like apricot and quince. The same aromas appears in taste, so that is why we can say that wine is harmonious. Wine has a full body, astringency and tannins.


Color: Pale yellow

Alcohol: 12.5%

Sugar: Dry

Grape: 100% Rkatsiteli

Acidity: 6.0 g/l

Technology: Qvevri

Food Pairing: roasted or boiled fish with vegetables, roasted chicken, cheeses.

Rkatsiteli is ancient Georgian pale-skinned grape variety. Ibero’s Rkatsiteli is fermented in Qvevri and after fermentation wine is kept in contact with the grape skin for 3 months. Wine’s color is pale yellow with hints of gold. Aromas are more on a floral side, but we can also feel intense aromas of apple and pear. These aromas repeat them self in the taste as well. Wine characterized with soft tannins and balanced acidity.


Color: Red cherry

Alcohol: 13.0%

Sugar: Dry

Grape: 100% Saperavi

Acidity: 6.7 g/l

Technology: Classic red

Food Pairing: Roasted pork or beef, cheese and mushrooms.

Saperavi is the most common red grape variety in Georgia. For Ibero’s Saperavi we use traditional red wine technology. We do the fermentation for 7 days in Qvevri and post fermentation maceration for a week. Wine has a deep black cherry color and wide aroma profile. It starts with the Blueberry, Capsicum, Cinnamon and Clove and ends with buttery and creamy aromas. Wine is harmonic with roundness and pleasing acidity.

ibero rose

Color: Rose

Alcohol: 12.3 %

Sugar: Dry

Acidity: 6.0 g/l

Food Pairing: Salads, roasted chicken, fruits.

«Ibero rose» is fermented in stainless steel tank. We ferment the grape juice of Rkatsiteli with Saperavi’s must for 24 hours. By using this technology we come up with the interesting aroma profile. By smelling we can feel strawberry, white cherry and herbal aromas. Wine is light and crispy, with the pleasant acidity.